Binance.US: Bitcoin Price Spikes to $138K On US

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Bitcoin is eyeing a return to $30,000 — but traders on Binance.US have been shown a very different price Binance’s US branch has come under criticism from market watchdogs on both sides of the aisle. It now looks to be having difficulty keeping some of its largest bitcoin (BTC) order books working smoothly.

Binance.Late Tuesday evening, the US listed the price of bitcoin at more over $138,000 for its tether (USDT) market – about 400% more than current prices posted elsewhere.


According to TradingView data analysed by Blockworks, the unexpected increase lasted barely a few seconds. Binance.Us According to the US website, 62.22 BTC changed hands over that time period, which is around $1.8 million at current pricing. The sharp increase shows that someone in the market purchased that much in bitcoin using USDT.

If this is the case, the lack of liquidity meant that all available sale orders were instantly filled at reasonable prices. With only sky-high ‘funny bids’ to contend with, the price of bitcoin soared to new all-time highs.

Bitcoin Price Spikes to $138K on Binance.US

Binance.US has been contacted by Blockworks for further information. Such situations are usually mirrored in the other manner, with “flash crashes.” A similar occurrence occurred on Binance.US in October 2021, when the price of bitcoin fell 87% — from $65,000 to $8,200 — before immediately recovering. Binance. The United States blamed the event on a faulty trading algorithm. In December 2018, the price of ether dropped from $100 to $13 on Coinbase Pro, only to rebound within minutes.

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Binance, in any case. The United States has been suffering with low liquidity for some time, owing to difficulties with its banking partners as a result of regulatory squabbles. Last month, traders paid more than 3% premiums on bitcoin and comparable sums on ether (ETH) compared to competitor platforms.

Analysts concurred that the pricing disparities were caused by liquidity issues. Those premiums have subsequently been discontinued. The exchange’s market depth has declined nearly 80% over the past month on regulatory woes.


Bitcoin briefly reached $138,000 on crypto platform Binance.US earlier today in a price spike on the btc/tether trading pair, according to exchange statistics. Prices briefly reached those levels at 6:50 a.m. UTC before falling to parity with other bitcoin spot markets. Other bitcoin trading pairs traded normally.

The surge seemed unlikely to be the result of a trader looking to spend roughly 450% more for bitcoin, which is now trading for just over $29,000 in European morning hours on Wednesday.

Instead, the unusual wick was most likely caused by insufficient liquidity for bitcoin vs tether on Binance.US. According to market depth statistics, a $400,000 bitcoin purchase on this trading pair may boost prices by 2%, but the equivalent influence on the bitcoin/USD trade pair requires a minimum of $842,000.

The degree of liquidity in a financial market is referred to as market depth. As a result, according to a Kaiko analysis earlier this month, Binance.US’s market depth has decreased 76% since May, implying that market makers and traders have abandoned the exchange.

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